Sunday Services

Worshiping at St Nick’s offers an opportunity to learn more of God, as well as to pray and praise in an open and friendly atmosphere. Services and music vary, with a mixture of relatively contemporary and traditional styles – a music group leads sung worship most weeks. Relating the Bible to people’s everyday lives is central to what we’re about. People’s relationships with each other and the involvement of children are also highly valued.


1st Sunday of the month: Is an all age service, families are encouraged to sit together and those with little ones are free to wander around. The worship is 'all-age friendly', children learn how to worship from watching the grownups around them.

2nd Sunday: Is our informal  Holy Communion service, again families are encouraged to participate in worship together and children are invited to participate in all sorts of ways-whatever they feel comfortable with doing. There is the option of receiving glutin free wafers and nonalcoholic wine.

3rd Sunday: Is Morning Praise- again this service is suitable for anyone, of any age, informal service of the Word.

4th Sunday: Traditional Holy Communion - this service is designed to enable those with limited visual and cognitive ability to recall familiar hymns and prayers. 


Useful Information

Receiving communion

All  are welcome to receive the bread and wine at our Communion services. Gluten-free bread is always available on request.

Children welcome

Seriously, we don't mind if they like ot wander, or have a chat during the service.  We put together services which we hope are child-friendly and that grown-ups will be able to help their children to understand the teaching and what's happening.

There is an activity area at the back of the church if you forget a favorite toy or need something for those that like to have a play.

We have a safeguarding policy in place.

Disabled access and hearing

The church is accessible from the car park for people who use wheelchairs and printed service sheets are available for people who find it hard to read print projected on to the screen.

We have a member of our Ministry Team who is a BSL user and as a church we are trying hard to assist those with hearing impairments by making sure our faces can be easily seen and subtitles are used on our video clips.

Prayer ministry

There’s an opportunity every Sunday for people to receive personal prayer for any issues or concerns they face, including prayer for guidance or healing. Two people sit by the pulpit during communion and after services and anyone can ask for prayer. There’s no need to say a great deal, it’s sufficient to give a brief indication of what you are seeking from God.