Photo Gallery - History

Laying the foundation stone 7th September1957



Church under construction 1958





Choir Outside.jpg

Hall Opening-.jpg
Rev Brian Coleman at Hall Opening ?

Rev Colman with Mrs Jowett, Head of Portway Juniors at ????????????

Rev Brian Colman with ??? sending a ten year anniversary letter to the Archbishop 


Back row, left: Sheila Peatfield Next along: Janet Sprenger
Front row left: Kathryn Mason Front row, right: David Wride
Around 1967

Far right: Rev. Simon House. Came to St Nick’s around 1970

Extreme left: Beryl Wainwright Rev. Brian Coleman
Next to Vicar: Charlie Kirton ("Skip") (First Scout Leader)
Next Scout Leader along: Joe Moss
Far right: Dick Griffiths

Men (Basses) L to R: Stan Griffiths, Howard Sprenger, Ian Jennison, Geoff Holland, Cyril Annable, Gordon Hobday.
Front row, second from left: Sandie Power


Men (Tenors) LtoR: Philip Jeffries, Donald Thompson, Jarvis Prowett, Bill Whittaker, Phil Mason, Donald Henderson (Portway Music Teacher, Organist & Choirmaster).
The choir was also the majority of the Panto Group.

Planted the trees with the Scouts in 1970. Photo courtesy of Howard Sprenger, showing Richard Stone (left) and Dave Danson (right). Not sure who the chap in the middle is wearing the Parka (could be Mick Blood).