Mission Action Plan

Where we are going – our vision

We aim to be Spirit filled people who:

  • know and worship God
  • experience spiritual growth and renewal
  • live out the Word of God in every aspect of life
  • are becoming a praying and caring community
  • make Christ’s unconditional love more widely known


The way forward – the main features of our plan

Growing in discipleship

  • listening to the Holy Spirit and responding in faith
  • deepening our relationship with God through scripture, prayer and worship
  • learning to do what Jesus did in the power of the Spirit
  • building confidence in God's power to transform lives

Engaging in mission

  • forming relationships within the wider community, respecting people for who they are and listening to their needs and questions
  • developing accessible events, space and services, including for prayer and healing
  • supporting Christian work with local children and teenagers in church and schools
  • encouraging intentional, gentle evangelism

Updating facilities

  • developing the premises as funds allow, including replacing pews with chairs

Actions over the next 3 years:

  • achieve greater unity over direction through consultation, communication and prayer
  • continue to improve printed and digital communication
  • run a Christian Enquirer's Course